General Liability For Contractors

Contractors have tough jobs. If clients are injured onsite or products fail, the contractor can be liable. These are the risks of their occupation. As many contractors operate as small businesses, a liability claim can significantly impact them financially. The team at Robert Fox Insurance Agency LLC works with contractors throughout Texas to get the coverage that they need. They understand the nature of the work and help companies cover against the inherent risks of the profession.

Liability insurance can protect a corporation’s assets. Without the coverage, the company could be held responsible for medical expenses and damages when accidents occur. For small companies, this can be difficult to manage or impossible to survive. The coverage will also protect if a lawsuit is brought against the company or an employee. Having protection allows everyone to focus on their jobs.

These policies have features that you can discuss with your agent. The policy will have bodily injury listed. This covers individuals who visit the company location or worksite. Accidents happen every day. Given the nature of worksites, the risk of visiting clients increases. If there is an accident where the company is liable, their medical expenses are covered. Onsite workers are covered by the company’s workers compensation. The policy will also cover any property damage or faulty product claims. For instance, if a contractor installs a kitchen island and the shelving causes an accident, they could be found ‘at fault’ for the accident and therefore responsible for expenses. Faulty workmanship claims are another area of concern. This is not always covered so it is something that you should address with your agent.

The agents at Robert Fox Insurance Agency LLC know that the work of Texas contractors is hard. They work to get you the coverage you need to protect your business. Call or visit their offices today to discuss your insurance needs and get a quote on the best coverage available.