The Facts About Auto Insurance

Every time you get on the road, you and your family are at risk of being involved in an automobile accident. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there is a motor vehicle crash every 59 seconds in the state with 17,456 serious injuries reported in 2017. With those kinds of numbers, you owe it to your family and your wallet to contact Robert Fox Insurance Agency LLC to receive a quote and consultation on an auto insurance policy.

Texas law requires that you pay the damages of an automobile accident if you cause them. Since most people don't have five figures sitting in their bank accounts, this financial responsibility is met through purchasing a liability policy that covers at least the minimum obligation to other drivers. If you recently purchased a car and have a loan, the lender will want you to have comprehensive coverage, and you may wish to upgrade from the minimum coverage anyway. Comprehensive coverage covers the total value of your car minus your deductible. For many new vehicles, this can save you tens of thousands of dollars if the vehicle is a total loss.

Sound system equipment coverage is not stock in many policies, so audiophiles should ask for it by name to be sure your investment is protected. Drivers who plan on driving over the border to Mexico should know that the country does not recognize American policies. You will need to ask your agent about additional coverage to fill the gap.

The needs of Texas drivers are as big as the state, so Robert Fox Insurance Agency LLC can help you fit all of the coverage that you want into the perfect auto insurance policy for you. For the fastest and most accurate quote, have a list ready with the make and model of your vehicle, the drivers who may be using it, and any special questions that you want to ask.